Online-Gastspiel in Eppinger Figurentheater

Random Acts of Beauty Triangle dance

These times demand flexibility and ingenuity. With our various new venues, Theater R.A.B. is answering that demand.

Today, November 7th, we would have been premiering a wonderful new distillation of our performance work entitled “Random Acts of Beauty” in the Eppinger Figurentheater. We built the necessity of airing every 20 minutes into the dramaturgical structure of this collage, thus creating “Random Acts of Beauty 1-3: Potpourri, Abstrakt oder Konkret and Als die Tiere Menschen waren.”

As fate would have it, the Pandemie has momentarily shut down all theaters. That meant more flexibility. Our “Media Person of Choice” Jennifer Rohrbacher filmed the performance without audience and have uploaded it for online-streaming.

They can be viewed online through the Eppinger Figurentheater Website:

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