Around the World in 80 Days

Theater R.A.B. Random Acts of Beauty presents its new retro-futuristic retelling of the adventures of Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, Detective Fix and Aouda. In this dynamic two-hour performance, the journey becomes a journey through the theatrical “as if” world as well. The three performers Franziska Braegger, Jonas Schütte and Len Shirts use a minimum of stage props and a maximum of performing styles. Masks and puppets of all styles enable a cast of over two dozen unique characters.

Director Brian Lausund has set the story in a time-free zone in which the British Empire collides with the present consumer age and modern inventions are re-cast in a Jules Verne-ish light.

The performance is in German and is available for booking. An English version of the play is in the works.

  • Director, Text: Brian Lausund
  • Dramaturgy: Dr. Manfred Jahnke
  • Performers, Text: Franziska Braegger, Jonas Schütte & Len Shirts
  • Music: Ro Kuijpers
  • Masks/Puppets: Len Shirts
  • Set design & construction: Werner Klaus
  • Costumes: Susanne Kloiber
  • Length: 120 Minutes not including Intermission
  • Stage dimensions (minimum): 6 meters wide x 4 meters deep x 3 meters high
  • Stage dimensions (optimal): 8 meters wide x 6 meters deep x 3,5 meters high