Café Jenseits

RAB-Jenseits Collage-2


Theater R.A.B. ist in der vorbereitende Phase für sein nächste Produktion: Café Jenseits oder Aufbruch zur Unmöglichkeit.

Four artists meet in a café. This would be an everyday occurrence. But the café is in the Otherworld, and the artists – “entartet” and defamed by the Nazis –  all died at the beginning of World War Two. They reminisce about the height of their careers in the 1920s, when it looked as though they could change the world. And wonder if they would do the same again…

We’ve gathered together an exciting team: Franziska Braegger as the Dadaistin Sophie Taueber-Arp, Peter Götz as the expressionist Ernst Toller, Nic* Reitzenstein as the genderfluide Poet Else Lasker-Schüler, Jonas Schütte as Oskar Schlemmer of Bauhaus fame and Len Shirts as the Barista. Susann Rieben directs. Ro Kuijpers will compose the music. World premiere on 31. Oktober 2018.

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